I finished the book last night. Could hardly put it down. You deserve great credit for the unflinching honesty, the poetic writing, and the array of astute observations about people and life. Keep me posted on how the book is received and be assured of my continued interest in your life and work.
— Bill Smith, PhD, former Director of Psychology Training at The Menninger Clinic
                                                Aine celebrates the publishing of Birth Cry

                                                Aine celebrates the publishing of Birth Cry

Each one of the Spirits of Fire is like a shining, sparkling light dancing across the ocean, and I smile as I think of them individually and collectively. Cheyanne’s laughter, giggles, drawings and playfulness were delightful; little ann’s tenderness and loving spirit; Faith’s unwavering confidence in the beauty of life; and Annie II’s bold, vivacious, tough, yet gentle power—these are just some of the cherished memories I have of our work together.
— Phylis Wakefield, PhD, from the Foreword
Wolf Moon Calling

The Tribe of the Orphaned Heart