The writings of Aíne Nevar, author and publisher of inspirational teachings about transforming traumatic experience through acts of creativity, beauty, triumph, and extravagant compassion!

The Story of Birth Cry

Hearing the cries within herself, author and clinical social worker Aine Nevar walks away from her career as a psychotherapist to discover both the suffering and the wisdom of the voices inside.  Intimate in detail, captivating and inspiring, the voices of the Spirits of Fire (alter personalities) are recorded with piercing clarity.  Truth trumps fictional horror, and the wisdom of Nevar's raw, edgy courage calls out to the enduring strengths and resilience within each of us.  

Veronica and Chance
Veronica and Faith

Birth Cry:  The Treasures of Dissociative Identity Disorder

I had honor to bear witness to such courage in Aíne as she shared story after story with me, re-experienced the trauma, fought off the demons and perpetrators, cried, screamed, vomited, shook with terror, whimpered, froze, and ultimately stood her ground, claimed her place in this world and triumphed.
— Phylis J. Wakefield, PhD

Now available in eBook or hard copy.

I finished the book last night. Could hardly put it down. You deserve great credit for the unflinching honesty, the poetic writing, and the array of astute observations about people and life. Keep me posted on how the book is received and be assured of my continued interest in your life and work.
— Bill Smith, PhD
Over two dozen personalities. One adventurous journey. Brilliant, extraordinary and compelling account of fearlessness.
If you have read When Rabbit Howls, Sybil, The Flock or The Magic Castle, you will not want to miss this amazing story of resiliency and triumph.

January 25, 2017--Birth Cry has arrived! #silencebreakers