eBook for Kindle Birth Cry: The Treasures of Dissociative Identity Disorder


eBook for Kindle Birth Cry: The Treasures of Dissociative Identity Disorder



Hearing the cries within, author and psychotherapist Aine Nevar walks away from her career as a psychotherapist to discover both the suffering and the wisdom of the voices inside herself.  

Intimate in detail, captivating and inspiring, the voices of the 'Spirits of Fire' (Aine's alter personalities) are recorded with piercing clarity.

Truth trumps fictional horror, and the wisdom of Nevar's raw, edgy courage calls out to the enduring strengths and resiliency within each of us. 

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Applause from those who have read Birth Cry

“I finished the book last night. Could hardly put it down. You deserve great credit for the unflinching honesty, the poetic writing, and the array of astute observations about people and life. Keep me posted on how the book is received and be assured of my continued interest in your life and work.”  Bill Smith, PhD
"A book that shares the damage done to an innocent child, over and over again, and yet you have survived and built a life of caring and compassion to others. You have shown determination and courage where many would have not been able to do so and have embraced personalities that showed up to help you rather than try to shut them in an effort to fit the norms. It is a testament that the universe did have a grand plan for you and you chose to fulfill on that plan, even though it was wrought with pain, suffering, and disappointments....You and your Spirits of Fire are a gift to those who are suffering. You are courageous in sharing your very intimate story. It comes at a time when so many people are feeling anxious and many others are awakening."  Belinda Lower

"It's difficult for me to find the words to express how your book has affected me, but I will do my best! I found myself with an increasingly severe headache the more I read the book, even though I nearly never have headaches. I also experienced nausea and physical pain.

"I fell in love with all of the Spirits of Fire, and appreciate and honor the purposes each one fulfilled in your life. Thank God for those who help us survive! I lived your pain and was horrified by your experiences as they were unfolded. I grieved for the childhood that was lost. I became one of your defenders and protectors. I became the nurturing mother to you that was missing in your reality. I thank you for your courage to allow the Spirits to come forward and tell their stories. And finally, I applaud the victory you achieved as your journey came to fruition.

"Yours is a story that needs to be heard, and no doubt will be instrumental in freeing other souls as they begin their own journeys toward truth and a peaceful, fulfilled life! Bravo to you!" -Jan Cole